Three years old

The cake Meredith decorated for her

My sweet Fiona turned three this week. Kris always takes their birthday off and for Meredith we have done things like gone to Saltspring Island, but the weather isn’t nearly as predictable in March. She originally said she wanted to ride a pony, but there are no places that have pony rides that we could find that are open. So we gave her a “rain check” for a pony ride that we will do in April one weekend. A few of her choices just weren’t open for the season yet so we ended up at gymnastics, and later she went to Meredith’s music class with her and the teacher let her stay after and play with and explore all the instruments, which she was thrilled about too.

It is hard to believe my baby is three. She is such a fun kid and I love the stage she is in. She has gone through some huge developmental leaps in the past couple of months and can count to 12, spell and write her name, recognizes Meredith’s name, has a huge vocabulary and loves to use it, and so much more. She is incredibly thoughtful and sweet, and one of her very favourite phrases seems to be “I have a good idea!” as she attempts to come up with solutions for any problem that may come up. She is, generally, quick to share with others and loves to make other people happy. She also loves to stress her independence and definitely has a cheeky side to her personality. She loves babies and is really excited to be a big sister soon. She also really loves dolls, so her main gifts this year involved a doll I made for her, a high chair Kris made, and a dress, diaper, wipes, and doll blanket made by me, Meredith, and her nana (my mom).


The doll and high chair made by Kris and I. She loved them and they have been played with almost nonstop by both girls since her birthday.


The blanket made by my mom that matches her own baby blanket (also made by my mom), and the diaper and wipes made by Meredith. She even did the cutting of the pattern/fabric, ironing, and everything. She did ask for help going around the curves of the diaper.

We will likely make a few more diapers and some outfits for the doll, as Fiona loves to dress them up and changes this ones diaper a lot. I think I didn’t use a big enough seam allowance so she’s wider than she probably should be, so maybe some knit clothes next time.

Like all of my kids’ birthdays, it was a bittersweet day. So neat watching them grow and move on to new stages, and sad to know they’ve left old ones behind. But I always seem to like the next ones even more than the last, so I am looking forward to seeing what comes.

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