Fiona’s Home Waterbirth

I finally got brave enough to watch Fiona’s birth video, and I’m glad I did. It gave me a better idea of some of the timeline (like, for instance, I actually only pushed for about 5 minutes this time around!) and made me realize that I wasn’t as loud as I thought, except right at the very end. I spent a lot of the time chatting with the midwives and Kris and was surprisingly “with it”, considering how I felt at the time.

I spent most of today editing a video. Originally it was supposed to be a pregnancy, birth, and beyond video, set to music with no dialogue. But it got long and I liked a lot of the dialogue, so this is just a birth video. I might change the first dialogue box eventually. The midwives didn’t actually show up until about 10:20, and the first clip of the video is only about 25 minutes before the baby comes, just to give an idea of how quickly it went. I’m going to work on another one that would be more along my original idea too, and will be a little more censored. This particular one has nudity, yelling, etc. Watch at your own risk. ;)

(You need a browser that supports html5 to see this. So basically not Internet Explorer.)

13 comments to Fiona’s Home Waterbirth

  • Beautiful! Lindsay, that is a great birth video. Looks like you had a really wonderful birth.

  • Andrea

    What a sweet video. :) Thanks for sharing.

  • Kyla

    Basically just bawled my eyes out with Sam laughing at me… it still surprises me how emotional i can get in a matter of seconds from watching a birth video. This was unbelievable Lindsay.. this is how I wanted my last birth to go but unfortunately I had to have the twins in the hospital. I really want to have a birth experience like this but I don’t think I can have any more children lol. You were so wonderful!!!

  • so very beautiful….exactly what I had wanted, but complications are causing a hospital delivery. At least it will still be natural. I loved that Merideth cut the cord, at home we had planned for Sol to do it.

  • I’m teary eyed! Makes me want to watch Leif birth video, which no one- not even I have watched yet.

    • AttachedMama

      Thanks! The only reason I finally watched it is because Kris loaded it and pressed play while the computer was sitting in front of me lol. I don’t know when/if I would have watched it otherwise. I’m glad I did though. :)

  • Brigitte

    That was AWESOME! Awesome. Thank you for sharing this beautiful video. It’s not graphic at all. Just beautiful.

  • Kyrie

    Oh my goodness…I am a teary mess. Why did you have to use that music?!? It’s so beautiful and emotional….

  • Lindsay-I had NO idea you had a blog! I was actually reading another blog about preparing your older child for the birth of a sibling, when she linked to your video of Fiona’s birth. The name caught my eye and I briefly questioned if it was you, but didn’t think it could be. How neat! I am in tears watching this. What a beautiful birth! How neat that Meredith got to be such an integral part of it. I’ll definitely be back on your blog more often!! :)

    • AttachedMama

      Thanks Vanessa! I noticed she linked to me, and was a bit shocked that my little blog got noticed. :) Meredith and I had to sit and watch it a few times again tonight anyway. It’s amazing how much she still remembers. She was talking about things that happened that aren’t in the video, so she really does remember it. I don’t think I could have asked for it to go better than it did (besides Fiona getting chilled at the end).

  • Morgan

    Just wonderful, beautiful… Thank you for sharing these amazing family moments. I wish I had been able to have a water birth at home. Watching it work for others helps me feel better.

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