Casper the friendly cat


Have I mentioned recently how much I love this cat?


I don’t think we could have asked for a more perfect kitten for us.


He seeks Meredith out and will cuddle with her for hours. If it looks like she’s forcing him, she’s really not. She just likes to hold on to him. But if she moves her arms away he still stays.


Even Sorcha loves him. We had people over the other day who couldn’t believe that a dog and a cat would play the way these two do all the time. Sebastian doesn’t love him, but will tolerate him and even play with him.


It took us a long time to name him because none of the names we came up with really fit him. For now, he’s Casper. Nothing to do with the ghost, though the description does fit. It seems to be sticking. Just as often he’s still “Kitten”. Regardless, he’s a much loved addition to the family.

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  • Visiting from Natural Parents Network!

    Definitely looks like a perfect family pet, even fitting in with the other pets. It is awesome when you can find a pet that will snuggle with your kids (and that your kids want to snuggle). We have pet tarantulas. Our daughter is fascinated, but we mostly keep them in their cages.

  • We have gotten two kittens since August, one we found in our barn two weeks ago. Our older kitty, Tigerlily, is a snuggle bug just like your Casper. When my husband and my youngest go on errands, she will jump in the car and sit in my little ones lap the whole trip, keeping him company. Our younger kitty is still getting acclimated, but also loves to snuggle. She curled up on my son’s shoulder as he was doing school the other day.

  • How sweet! I would love a snuggly kitty like that. Honestly, I’m kind of jealous. We had the most psychotic cat that has ever existed. We put up with him for 7 years- through sleepless nights, blood drawn everyday…, but when Layla was born, he went even crazier. Apparently he did not like children. Seriously, I tried bach flower remedies, children’s homeopathic “calm” stuff… I took him to the vet when he went completely insane to rule out kidney stones or something physical. They kept him overnight for tests and then informed me that it was all psychological and wanted to put him on a kitty dose of Prozac. He is now living on a family’s farm in PA.

  • Robyn

    Cats are the best! I love seeing kids loving on their kitties! My 18 mos old DD spent has spent at least 20 minutes every night for the past few days pushing our cat around in a box, pretending it’s a stroller…so cute…she even says “wee” for the kitty!

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