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I would love to do a weekly or monthly post where I share some of my recent favourites, but I did it once way back in September and then got a bit sidetracked (moving tends to do that to a person I guess!). So I thought I’d share a few posts and blogs I’ve enjoyed recently, and some of these are not-so-recent but are in my list of posts I’ve wanted to share over the last 6 months or so.

I’ve added a new blog to my blogroll: Demand Euphoria. I have loved all of her posts that I have read so far. Have you ever stumbled across a blogger and it seems like everything she writes echos things you have thought but have never been able to put into words? A lot of her posts are like that for me. I love her most recent one, where she shares tips on how to keep a clean house. She also has a great post about school readiness.

Sarah recently shared this “List of Common Misconceptions” on her blog. I love things like this. There was a similar one someone on our homeschooling list had shared earlier in the year that I can’t find now but will try to dig up.

Loved this comic by Mama Is. So familiar from Meredith, and now Fiona is really starting to get into the nursing acrobatics too.

Idzie at I’m Unschooled. Yes, I can Write wrote a post about how unschoolers are held to a higher standard. It’s something I have seen first hand already. Meredith is pretty outgoing and social, but parents with kids who are shy or withdrawn are often told how important it is to send those kids to preschool. However, I was extremely shy through all of school, and spent most recesses sitting by myself reading a book. I’m sure if I had been home schooled my mom would have gotten a lot of flack for it, but because I was at school it was accepted as a part of my personality.

I love Peter Gray’s blog Freedom to Learn. I could list most of his posts, but this one about how to help your kids really stuck out to me, as both of our kids are at ages that it is good to have the reminder to give them space to make mistakes and try and figure things out on their own. I also really enjoyed his most recent one: “When is teaching an act of aggression?”

Another one by Peter Gray I really enjoyed was his article on ADHD kids who switched from conventional schooling to home schooling. Kris and I have both, at different points in our lives, been diagnosed with ADHD. I was actually an adult in university, Kris was an active boy in elementary school. Reading that article, the description of “attention surfeit disorder” actually fits both of us way better. He says: “They get labeled ADD not because they can’t attend but because they have no coping mechanisms for enforced boredom.”

Lastly for now, a cosleeping article over at Natural Parents Network. Most of it is stuff I already knew, but it could be a good article for sharing since it has lots of points all in one article and sources to back up all the information.

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  • Great list, Lindsay! I am loving Vickie’s blog at Demand Euphoria as well, and Peter Gray is always a good read. I loved the cosleeping piece by Dionna (not just because our family bed pictures were used in the article). I was surprised by some of the negativity that came out in the comments, though. I’m so glad that there is a community of folks advocating for the rights and respectful treatment of children.

  • AttachedMama

    Thanks Melissa. I have to wonder sometimes why people get so defensive about things like cosleeping (though I suppose faced with studies that show positive effects, people don’t want to think that their children have experienced negative effects because of their choices). I too am glad for the wonderful community we have built for ourselves.

  • Thank you so much for adding me, Lindsay! I am honored. :)

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