Sister wearing

The mei tai we made for Meredith seems to work perfectly. It fits Meredith well, and is a good size for Guinevere too. Meredith tried it out shortly after Guinevere was born, but Guinevere was fussy and also couldn’t hold herself upright very well, so it was fairly short lived.


She asked to try again tonight, and took her shirt off saying she’d like to be skin to skin. Guinevere was still a bit fussy, but settled down as Meredith walked and bounced and sang “Hush Little Baby”, and eventually fell asleep.


My heart just melts watching the two older girls with their new little sister. They love her so much and absolutely dote on her. I think seeing Meredith walking around wearing her tonight even gave Kris baby fever. He mentioned something about how neat it would be to see her at nine doing the same thing haha. We are not planning on any more, but regardless, one baby at a time…

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~ Dr. Seuss