Wordless Wednesday: Snuggles




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  • Oh my goodness, how cute is Meredith with her kitten? Such love!

  • Oh my…LOVE the tandem nursing pick. Isaac still nurses too (and 4 1/2) but I have to say he’s all but done. He asks every 5 or 6 days…and the last few times it’s hurt…so I’m thinking mama is officially dried up. :) I hyperlactated (made enough milk for three babes) and so we’ve had a nice long run. I’m so glad to have let him decide on when he’s done. It’s been a beautiful journey.

    Oh Meredith adn that kitty…so cute. xoxo

    • AttachedMama

      Meredith goes through phases. She will go through periods of time where she’s only nursing once or twice a day, and I’ll think she’s close to weaning, and then periods where she’s nursing frequently each day. She was actually going through one of those low periods around Christmas time, but then in January got sick and started nursing some days more than Fiona again. I do love being able to nurse her when she’s sick still though. I had a major oversupply too, even while nursing two; still do some days.

      And yes, I can’t get over this kitten and how nearly perfect he is (when he’s not being perfectly obnoxious, that is. ;) )

  • LOVE the kitty picture. my little one is head over heels for our cats and they’re just beginning to warily return the love. animals and kids are such natural besties.

    Visiting from Natural Parents Network!

  • That first picture is perfect! These are all so sweet. Are you getting settled from your move?

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~ John Holt