Our giant sandbox

We built a giant sandbox today for the girls. More pictures and details are here.


I’ve started watching a friend’s son two days a week and the situation is pretty ideal. They live close, her schedule is flexible, and the little boy is just the sweetest, mellowest little kid. I was worried since he is only just barely a year old that he might be a lot of work, and he is (he’s very busy), but he’s also very calm and happy pretty much all the time. Meredith adores him and asks when he will be coming back again.

Otherwise, not much new. The ducks are around 4 weeks old now, and entering the teen years where their adult feathers are starting to come in, so they look pretty funny. They are super sweet though. They came down to where we were building the sand box to check it out (they have been free ranging with the hens now during the day), and walked right up to us. One even crawled onto Meredith’s lap for a worm. They come right up to us when we are outside and aren’t skittish in the least. They are very messy though. I can’t wait until they are outside full time!


If we didn’t already have so many chickens I would be seriously debating just having ducks and foregoing the chickens altogether. I guess we will see once they start laying how their eggs are. Some people don’t notice a difference, and others find they taste fishy (and think it’s because of all the slugs they eat). We have lots of slugs and I’m hoping they will eat them, so we may not get yummy eggs from them.

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“All children behave as well as they are treated.”
~ Jan Hunt